prayer, 2005

Lots of people go over their “New Year’s Resolutions” (or goals) on New Year’s Eve. And I am sure that “work out more” and “lose weight” have been on our lists more then one year. I know that for me (other then “lose weight”) the words “spend a LOT more time with the Lord” and “pray MORE” will always be on my lists of goals for the upcoming year.

But I also find that partners or some kind of encouraging guide makes getting these goals accomplished much easier. As far as prayer, I recommend the Presidential Prayer Team. You will get updates on our President and leaders in congress, what to pray for them, and you can also adopt a specific troop to pray for daily. This is a popular site and I myself have joined the millions of people praying for our Country. For more information on the Presidential Prayer Team go to

Happy New Year’s and God bless America!


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