Of course we have all heard of the disastrous earthquake in Asia… the deaths have been upped to 60,000. I have tried to fathom this… the pain and ongoing suffering those poor people endure… but being a sheltered American I find it hard to put myself in their place because I have never, ever even witnessed such lives of pain… 9/11 was no doubt a catastrophe, and all of America mourned at the loss of 3,000 innocent Americans, but we are doing something because of that attack, we are able to fight back and keep the danger and evil over there instead of it coming over here. Those people are poor, without a country to fight for them and provide them with the lavish homes we have. And 60,000… I will try as best I can to understand their pain, but being an American, it will be very hard. God bless the people left homeless and mourning for those lost… Lord please reveal Yourself to them and give them hope amidst the pain!


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