My Girlhood

My girlhood is a pleasant place
Where life and love abound
For here it is that all I am
Is waiting to be found

In play I spend an endless time
Where only I can go
A child still inside the girl
A pure-white, budding rose

My girlhood is a time for God
His hand, His voice, His face
His steady stream of steadfast love
Within my days I trace

I rest assured of this one thing
He’ll never leave my side
For in my girlhood heart of hearts
He always will abide

My girlhood home is all I need
To learn of servant hood
For here my Father and my Mother
Seek only what is good

They take the time to teach me well
And help me understand
That girlhood is a time of life
To lend a helping hand

My girlhood is a priceless gift
A training ground, you see
Where love for others, sisters and brothers
Will always be the key

For God will cover my girlhood years
In all I do and say
‘Till someday a woman I will be
When girlhood passes away

I just thought this was so sweet and encouraging for young women (such as myself)! It reminds me not to be too hasty in growing up… someday I may want to reverse the process! 🙂


P.S. I did not write this poem, obviously. Go here for more on virtuous beauty

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