Please note; this is my own opinion and view, not meant to be aimed at others or used as argument materiel. It is simply what I believe is the right lifestyle and choice that God would have me model. Please leave a comment with your beliefs or things you’d like to add but any rude or offensive comments will be deleted.

Modesty, Purity, And the Gift of True Beauty
All of the above are certainly issues I have dealt with and will deal with throughout my life; what they are, how to attain them and respect them. As I have found friends outside the home, more then once I have been strongly tempted to think being sweet and cute can mean wearing tight pants, tight shirts, and even cute little high heels. But as I have struggled with how I can appear sweet and cute while honoring my parents and still making friends, I also know that deep down, in my heart, I know the answers to searching for real beauty and “sweetness”. It is all around me! It is in the Book that sometimes my parents have to force me to read, in the lessons that are taught to us kids daily, and finally and most importantly; in my mom.
The most influencial source for teenagers, are obviously, people and role models. And even though I do admire many other women, the person and character that will always make the biggest impact on my life will be the person that I live with. So I am very grateful that I am being influenced by the sweetest and most bearing women I know. Well, now that I’ve got that emotional message off my chest, I’ll turn to the things that have attempted to pull me away from the meaning of true beauty. Of course, I am very protected from those things out there that would harm me most, but there are some things that just can’t be kept a secret.
For example, the style in America; tight pants, shirts, etc. is now a way of life. You really can’t escape something that is a part of your culture. And so those little things have given me a longing for them, because the American pop culture implies that if you’re not like everyone else, wearing the clothes that are “in”, then you are an outsider… someone who doesn’t belong or is worth making friends with. This isn’t as strong a picture as I have received, but that’s still the message I get when I go out in public. As a teenager these things can be hard to take and still have a positive attitude about the style my parents have given me and wish me to keep. And so many times I have found myself alone in a store and tempted to pick up a piece of clothing that I know would not honor my parents, and many times mom has corrected or questioned my choice of style.
There have also been several moments where I am blinded and my clear faith frosted over by my desire to escape the pressure of being different, and I head in the direction of being cool and accepted and worthy of friendship by anyone. And though it’s hard for me at first, when I come home and am reminded of the importance of God’s view of me, I slowly come back to that clear sight and see how silly I have been to have been pulled away from what I have been taught in all my life! And God, the Creator of the world, of existence and everything, He is million times more then we can count bigger then all those little struggles I have! How can I be pulled away from him?
How would I describe being sweet and cute pretty from my un-frosted, clear view? I think most that, deep down, it’s that ability to control your temper and be a light while everything else seems aggravating and dreary. It’s out of the total faith and dependence in God that comes the true modesty, purity, and beauty. Because when you know that your God, and mentor, heavenly father, is bigger then all others, and will take care of you, love you, make you prosper and have joy… that is the only way we can have a extra, long-lasting sweet temper!
Here are some reasons for me why wearing modern clothes would not be Godly;
It shows that I do not  regard seriously the differences between men and women
It tells others that I am just like everybody else and don’t have the strength to say “I’m different”
It shows very clearly places on my body that are not healthy for young men (and women) to see, and it invites men to easily get intimate with me on short acquaintance since I’m not portraying my character anyway; just my body
It goes against my parents wishes
It goes against God’s wishes

And so, even though I feel as if I have been rambling on and repeating myself, I hope I have made my point clearly.


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