my first musing…

So mom made a comment about one of us (seven) kids doing a blog or website… a couple hours later I have my own…! I don’t really expect anyone to be interested in what my views are or anything but I’ll do it just for the fun of it. You may be wondering what I am doing still at home and not traveling in the freezing weather with a car full of grumpy kids to see some cousin or niece I don’t even like on Christmas eve… well, we’re not the traveling type and our few relatives think us rather irrational and strange… and we like to stay stay home and just be together so we are happy this way.

Merry Christmas! And I say that louder and with more meaning this year… as it has been an issue with some people on whether or not to say Merry Christmas in public or to our atheist friends because of the possibility of insulting someone. I say; this is a free Country (praise the Lord) and we can say what we want! Everyone in America celebrates Christmas right? Even atheists might celabrate the “Winter Holiday”, but it’s still Christmas, it’s still about Christ, and so if we are not aloud to say “merry Christmas” comfortably in front of the public then I say we don’t let those uptight people celebrate our tradition. I am sure tomorrow these words will make no sense to me because I just had a glass of eggnog but oh well I don’t think anyone will read this anyway so MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOODNIGHT to all my faithful friends. 🙂


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