Ethan Edward – 9 months

I missed getting this post up last month, and our little guy is ten months old now, but I’m going to post his 9 month photos to keep with tradition anyway.


At nine months, Ethan weighed 20.5 lbs! Such a big boy! His fine blond hair is getting so long and he is still as deliciously chubby as ever.


Ethan also experienced his first snow, first Thanksgiving, and first Christmas! So much excitement.


Around this age he also started getting upset if he was overly tired and overwhelmed by something (walking into a room full of people who surround him, being held by someone other than mommy in a loud crowd, seeing a man he’s unsure of). It’s not often that he really gets upset by others (our little extrovert!) but he is becoming more aware.


We celebrated baby’s first Christmas Eve/Day morning at home, and he opened up his first gift, which was a djembe from mommy and daddy. While he lit up and started hitting it after seeing it, he now prefers to eat it when we give it to him. We’ll get there…


At this point Ethan wasn’t officially crawling, but scooting on his tummy, which made the busy (and decorated) holidays easy on this momma, who now spends 99.9% of the time chasing after a mobile little explorer…


That dimple though…


At this point the little man was pulling himself up onto the couch, chairs, and his favorite- our laps. He was SO excited by this achievement! He also decided- as he was cutting three teeth- that the crib was the best teether around. Needless to say, a few chunks are missing and mommy hurried to make a DIY crib teething guard.


Unfortunately, this newfound ability to stand in the crib vastly outweighed the desire to sleep, and we had a few days where the little man was extremely wired, hyper and acting out. Thankfully, I think it was just a stage and part of all the changes he was going through, we all made it out alive, and he was our happy and (normally) agreeable baby again.



He also started making this cheesy grin where he squints his eyes and wrinkles up his nose, which I personally find quite adorable.


My squish.


We are so thankful for our blessing!

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  1. Anna Wolfe
    Anna Wolfe February 3, 2016 at 11:56 pm |

    You captured adorable photos!! What a blessing children are 🙂

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