Ethan Edward – 7 Months

This week my little boy turned seven months old. Each milestone is a joy, just like his squishy kissable cheeks and his infectious gummy grin!


Some highlights of this past month… E is sitting up like a pro which is a great help for mommy, who can set him down easier right next to her instead of having to drag along his chair. He still doesn’t show interest in crawling, which is fine with mommy and daddy… more time to enjoy this pre-proofing stage.

We tried solids; mashed broccoli, green beans, avocado, squash. So far the guacamole has been his favorite, but even then he barely takes anything and gags. I think it’s a sign he’s not ready for solids, and I’m not stressing about it. He’s doing just fine without solids, weighing in at 18.2 lbs. I’m so thankful for a chunky, squishy, healthy baby!


Big moments? Welcoming his first cousin into the world! Aunt A and Uncle J had baby Jethro, and Ethan can’t wait to meet his first partner-in-crime. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be epic. Ethan also officially moved to his nursery for nighttime. Mommy was the one getting a little emotional about it, but he was getting claustrophobic in the cradle next to our bed, and he is sleeping better in his crib now. This momma never thought it would take seven months to make the switch, but lo and behold, mommy emotions are much stronger than originally expected!


Another big first was baby’s first plane trip. We flew to Idaho for “Aunt” Gabby’s wedding, and the little man proceeded to charm his way from St. Louis to Las Vegas to Boise and back again. He did very well until the lack of sleep over the weekend affected his jolly nature on the return flights, and we had a few moments where mommy sat blushing and embarrassed to be “that mom” with the child having a fit. But, we lived, and for the most part E is a happy traveler… which is a good thing because we love traveling! On the trip, E also got to meet some of mommy’s dearest friends for the first time, which was also a highlight.


And while our little man isn’t crawling yet, he makes up for it with his wide variety of expressions, and now his mimicking noises. He likes to copy daddy blowing, snorting, sniffing, and making noises with his lips. I think we have a ham on our hands…


And mommy life. It’s great. It’s hard, and the changing of life’s seasons isn’t always easy, especially as expectations and shifting priorities come into play. As much as I want E to grow up learning to be flexible, to go with the flow, to be a part of mommy and daddy’s schedule and not just his own, at the same time we have to be willing to pull back for the sake of our family. And that is hard.



I am by nature a people pleaser, and one area I struggle in as a mom is the courage to tell other people “no” and risk offending. I.e., you can’t touch my baby, I can’t leave my baby at home during this event, we need to leave early and miss out, etc. Even as we want to bless others and be involved in their lives, we do have moments of needing to miss out in order to care for our first responsibilities; our marriage and our family. And goodness, this growing up thing sure isn’t easy, but what better way to grow and depend on the Lord than realizing it’s no longer my parents making the decision, it’s me and my husband.


And the more my heart fills with love for and fierce protection of my child, the more it breaks over the horrific throwing away of motherhood by countless women in our nation… all those little ones killed and ripped away from the one person who should be protecting their lives at all costs. Ethan fills each of my days with joy and I am loving this season of watching his life blossom, grow, and bring delight not just to us as his parents but to those around us.


Life is precious, and we are thankful for the one we have the privilege of loving and raising.


Happy seven months, pumpkin!

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