DIY Nursery Project




Back in July of last year, our next door neighbor was moving out and cleaning out his apartment. When people clean out their apartments, they dump all sorts of things in the giant dumpsters available… sofas, old TVs, headboards, you name it. I have a rather embarrassing knack for looking at trash and trying to figure out what can be done with it. (The fancy name for reusing junk is “repurpose”. I rather like that better…)

Our neighbor’s article doomed for the dump was a dinged up dresser, missing half it’s drawers, sporting ugly handles and with a back half torn off and splintered. However, it was solid wood, and I convinced my obliging and patient husband to haul it back up to our second story apartment, where I decided it would do quite nicely as a repurposed dresser/changing table for our nursery, which we had just found that we would need in about 8 months.



It only took us about 7 months to actually complete the final project, and my wonderful hubby ended up doing the bulk of it as my size and condition necessitated help with reconstructing and painting (Ethan’s Grandpa helped too!). But we did get it done! We replaced the back with a new board, glued boards onto the empty drawer spaces to create shelves, painted it with chalk paint, distressed it, waxed it, and finally replaced the knobs with ones I had chosen at Hobby Lobby (50% off!).




All told we probably spent about $200, between the supplies, boards, chalk paint, wax and knobs. But we did it ourselves, and rather like the finished project. P1180127

The handy baskets fit perfectly in the odd sized drawer spaces. I registered for them, and was thrilled to receive them at a baby shower. They are nice and sturdy but also collapsible. P1180129_2

Yay for DIY projects that actually turn out as they’re supposed to!

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