20 Weeks and a Pregnancy Update

Friday marked 20 weeks of life for our little baby boy! We’re already halfway through this pregnancy and can hardly believe how time has flown by… after the holidays speed past, April will just be around the corner! There are days we are just in awe over the fact that life is growing inside of me… that the bumps and kicks we feel is a precious child that the Lord knew from the beginning of time… and that child is ours! With his own unique personality and character, physical features and body type. We are savoring this time of newness and anticipation, but are so looking forward to meeting our son and watching him grow outside the womb.

Baby Truffle has grown right on track, and is now roughly 10 inches long from head to toe, about the length of a banana. He has pretty good range of motion, and we already know our little one is strong, after both feeling him kick his little legs at an early 15 weeks. We can feel him punch, kick, roll over, and sometimes wonder if he’s jumping and turning somersaults as well. His favorite time to be active is when mommy is getting ready to sleep, but he gets pretty quiet when daddy reads a book out loud, since he can hear our voices now.


So far, the pregnancy has gone fairly smoothly and I am feeling like one blessed momma, especially after hearing stories of prolonged morning sickness and ongoing pain issues. I had about a month and a half of morning sickness towards the beginning where it was almost impossible to eat full meals, and all I really wanted was toast. Then I had about 4-6 weeks of lower back pain that peaked to a point where I was having a hard time walking up stairs and couldn’t turn over in bed. That was by far the lowest point of the first trimester, as I didn’t know how I could make it through a healthy pregnancy if it continued or got worse. It gave me an opportunity to really cry out to the Lord, place my trust in Him, and learn not to waste the pain but learn from it. And praise the Lord, He almost completely lifted the pain and soreness the day of our anniversary at 12 weeks, and it hasn’t come back since.


Otherwise, my list of complaints is fairly short. I occasionally have pelvis issues but nothing that can stop me from going through my day. I do have to be more careful what I expect my squished, rearranged stomach to digest, and my gag reflex is functioning amazingly well, especially with leftovers I’m tired of.  I’m slowly phasing out pre-baby clothing from my closet, though I’m definitely holding out as long as I can before shopping maternity. I’ve been able to teach an exercise/ballet class once a week, which feels great, except for the fact that bending over is starting to feel kind of weird (oh yeah, I guess I can’t really do that anymore!). I’m still sleeping well at night, though, and naptime isn’t always necessary to make me feel human (yay!).

Ashton and I are very blessed to be in a Church community that supports and helps equip us as we prepare for a natural, hands-off, healthy pregnancy and delivery, so we feel fairly prepared even as we continue to pray, read, and prepare. We started taking Bradley classes and I continue to read books on nutrition, breastfeeding, and natural childbirth. We’re starting to rearrange our second bedroom and plan out the nursery, as well as build our registry… which can seem like an overwhelming task, with so many different baby products and items on the market today. However, we strongly feel that natural is best, that babies don’t need every new gadget under the sun to be happy, and that we can take a more minimalistic approach as we consider what to bring into our home. Even then, the list is quite long!


We continue to pray for our little boy… that he would be strong, healthy, meek in character, a joy to many. We pray that he would follow the Lord with all of his heart, and that God would equip us with the wisdom and love we need to raise him to fear and follow his Creator. It seems like such an unattainable goal, to be good, godly parents and role models, but we are excited at this responsibility, and know that our feeble efforts will be blessed as we commit our ways, and our children, to the Lord.

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  1. Anna Wolfe
    Anna Wolfe November 18, 2014 at 5:37 am |

    Such a good update, Jen! Such good thoughts, prayers, reflections… You are an amazing mother!

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