Iraq’s elections

So sorry I didn’t post on this Sunday!

Oh wow. Sunday, January 30th, 2005 now marks a turning point for Iraq. We watched (on the liberal media!!!) as Iraqi men, and WOMEN, voted for the first time in decades. The phrase you would hear often on TV is that “these people were brave and risked their lives to come vote” yes it was dangerous and there was the possibility of bombings… but what had these people been living like? Murdered by their own people… oppressed and pushed into poverty… the men, forced into Saddam’s army or imprisoned and killed… the women treated as dirt and forced into darkness at the age of 13… the children, playing in the streets in rags… these same people, have now stepped out into those streets, some still in wreckage from fights, yet most cleaner and safer, as U.S. soldiers stood by protecting them… they walked out there and voted. They would come out of the voting booths proudly holding up their purple fingers, many tearfully saying that they were doing it in memory of their killed relatives who couldn’t be a part of it. This was a powerful, powerful day for those people. Some people say we are there for the oil… some say we are there for no reason… my heart wants to burst in attempt to describe to those people the profound meaning of this day… our soldiers have bled… their families have cried and our soldiers have died… yet we have NOT backed down. Dictators of Iraq have been captured. People have been freed. Women were given FREEDOM. Children were given education. Armies were trained. AND NOW THEY VOTED. Oh! That day holds so much meaning! Who wants to sing? Who wants to dance? The Iraqi people, freed yet still a little afraid of stepping out, their hearts are singing!   Lord may they prosper and grow to become a free country with a strong constitution… may they grow to glorify You. We thank you and praise you for all that You are and have done through us for Iraq.

I’m sure you will join with me when I say…

God bless Iraq!


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