The price of this fight…

Okay I just saw this on the same soldierlife website but I had to post it. How can we really understand how it is for our guys over there? We can’t, but we can try. Bring out the tissue…

The Price of this Fight…

A soldier slept peacefully.

His gun next to his cot.

Armor down by his feet.

Sleeping and shivering from the cold.

His mind was racing with thoughts of home.

Was he thinking about when he would see his family again?

The soldier smiled even in his sleep.

I lay there watching this buddy of mine.

Pictures of family scattered across his wall.

There was the one of his mom and dad.

And the one of his wife holding his baby.

This child had never felt his daddy’s hands before.

A protector of freedom.

I rolled over and stared at my wife.

So pretty and so happy in these pictures.

Her face could not hide the sadness in her eyes.

I told her I would be ok.

I would come home soon.

However knowing that I could die here.

She knew that this was my decision.

To get in the fight.

To prevent that feeling I had on 9/11.

The feeling of helplessness.

The feeling that I was a victim.

Never again would I allow that.

I rolled back over and gazed upon my friend.

But he was gone.

The day before had taken him from me.

I wish it were a dream.

But to my dismay it was not.

His pictures still upon his wall.

I began to cry.

The images began to look like a collage of colors.

My eyes spilled over with tears.

I knew he died a Soldier doing what he wanted to do.

To fight the fight so others won’t have to.

I closed my eyes and began to dream.

The images of darkness turned to home.

The smell of turkey and cinnamon.

The sounds of laughter from children playing.

Family all around.

For the moment I am happy.

So close to home yet so far away.

Tomorrow will begin another day.

I hope my luck will continue.

I hope I can someday hold my wife again.

Laugh with my children.

Living in peace.

Knowing that my time in this war is done.

Being content with that and moving on with life.

However this fight needs me now.

I will endure the hardship.

I will fight the fight.

By. American Soldier

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