"Let me see those pearly whites!"

“Let me see those pearly whites!”

Here is the result of my backdrop dying project, shown in my previous post.  These photos were taken on recital day while the girls were fresh, excited, and for the most part all happy to pose with their prettiest smile!  We didn’t have enough chiffon to blend in the floor colors, but all in all […]

46 blessings...

46 blessings…

Spontaneous hugs… chubby smiles looking up at me… little voices calling “Miss Jennifer!”.  These are just a few of the visible blessings that my past week was filled with.  Only 5 1/2 years ago I started teaching a small group of girls in my small town studio.  About three years ago I began teaching classes […]

My life (until June 10th)

My life (until June 10th)

May I have this dance?

I love to dance. I’ve been teaching classical ballet for over 4 years, and since I have been forced to discontinue taking ballet on a higher level myself, it’s no surprise that I enjoy all kinds of motion put to music! So when my sister and I were treated to a night of English Country […]

Howdy ya’ll!

Wow. The three weeks I’ve been gone seems to have been three months! I flew home from Alabama yesterday after spending some awesome times with friends. First of all I… Spent a week with my twin Anna at her home, many thanks to the generous hospitality of her and her family! We talked, dressed up, […]


I’m afraid that my busy schedule (which always seems to get busier as life goes on…) has held me back from posting lately as often as I would like, BUT I am not saying goodbye! I am just taking a three week vacation of dancing in Alabama and Mississippi, to hopefully be back ready to […]

Why I dance…

I like to dance. I love to dance. I have danced ballet for two and a half years, and have taken pointe for six months. As a little girl I would twirl around and dance to any music (preferably the Nutcracker) that came on. One of the many things I appreciate in my parents is […]