The Patriot


Of course we have all heard of the disastrous earthquake in Asia… the deaths have been upped to 60,000. I have tried to fathom this… the pain and ongoing suffering those poor people endure… but being a sheltered American I find it hard to put myself in their place because I have never, ever even […]

Iraq’s new day

Iraq’s new day By The Editors of World magazine With all the images of death and destruction, it’s easy to forget there was good news in Iraq this year: Schools opened, embassies got to work, free presses flourished, oil moved on world markets. Most significantly of all, U.S. administrators formally handed over power to an […]

my first musing…

So mom made a comment about one of us (seven) kids doing a blog or website… a couple hours later I have my own…! I don’t really expect anyone to be interested in what my views are or anything but I’ll do it just for the fun of it. You may be wondering what I […]