11 Months

11 months today! 11 months since I walked down the aisle, heart pounding, holding my Dad’s arm and with a small smile on my face… trying not to cry with the emotion of it all. Knowing my life was changing, turning, knowing that with each step I was moving into a new life as your beloved.

View More: http://kathryngracephotography.pass.us/ashtonjenniferweddingHow long had I waited to see you standing there, waiting for me… me! You looked so serious, but I knew you were feeling it all inside. Your hands clasped, waiting at the end of the walk to take my hand. It seemed like such a long wait before, when I didn’t know your name, but all of a sudden that all melted away and it didn’t seem so long anymore. How my heart rejoices now that the Lord timed my walk down the aisle perfectly, and that you were the man He chose to place at the front of that sanctuary on that sunny Saturday afternoon.

View More: http://kathryngracephotography.pass.us/ashtonjenniferweddingYou know I love my Daddy so much! One thing I appreciated so much, and have come to love even more these past 11 months, is your respect and love for both of our fathers. Just as my Dad raised and loved and protected me before giving me to you, so I look forward to watching you love and nurture our daughters as we prepare them for their husbands. You are going to be an amazing Dad!


View More: http://kathryngracephotography.pass.us/ashtonjenniferweddingLooking into your eyes and saying our vows to each other. So much meaning, such a beautiful promise, such a big responsibility before the Lord and all our witnesses. So little we understand yet! But by God’s grace, He has begun to show us over these 11 months what it means to live out our vows.

View More: http://kathryngracephotography.pass.us/ashtonjenniferweddingGod truly gave me a man with loving, caring hands. Nothing is truly perfect in this world, but they are perfect for me. They have comforted, served, guided, and protected me. Our hands are the Lord’s, and just as He is honored as we raise them in worship, so He is honored when we clasp them in marriage as a sign of devotion… a reflection of His relationship with His bride, the Church. How I love those hands…

View More: http://kathryngracephotography.pass.us/ashtonjenniferweddingOnly 11 months later and I feel we have grown so much, and still have a world to discover together. I savor the discovery and adventure… from the mundane to the special, doing it all with you is a gift I don’t deserve.

I love you, Ashton. Happy 11 months!

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  1. Anna Wolfe
    Anna Wolfe August 22, 2014 at 1:09 am |

    These monthly posts are so sweet. 🙂 Thank you for sharing them with us! And hard to believe it’s been 11 months, since I remember standing there and seeing you walk down the aisle like it was yesterday.

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