Ashton and I will have been married for ten months, come next Monday. The Lord has been faithful, and it has been a very wonderful ten months! On one hand we feel as if a lot has happened, but on the other hand, as if time has flown by and wasn’t it just yesterday we were saying our vows at the altar?

Our lives right now are fairly easy-going, though for a while we were traveling and having guests almost continually… which is fun, but we are thankful for a summer at home.

Our last trip was out to Nebraska to visit my family over my birthday and the 4th of July. It also meant the trip to say goodbye to my Border Collie, Mac. I had been caught up in wedded bliss while holding on to the hope that Ashton and I would have a home suitable for him soon… and then as life settled down and we ended up signing on for another year at the apartment, I accepted the reality that we wouldn’t be able to take him anytime soon, and my family had their hands full without trying to give him the attention he needed. The Lord provided at the last minute so that I could say goodbye and meet his new owner on our trip in July. There were few tears, and Mac was overjoyed to meet his new playmate and girlfriend, May, and it made it easier to say goodbye as I watched him so enamored and in love.

P1170769It was a great visit home… a more relaxing time to be with my parents, siblings, and grandparents. Family is a blessing, and I take them for granted much less now as a married woman living six hours away… which didn’t sound so far away in the beginning, but as time goes on puts a bigger gap between family time than I anticipated. But, anything that we love and see less of just¬†becomes even more treasured.


I definitely miss the big, open deck at my parents house… especially as we are living more in the city and see less of the sky. Ashton and I soaked up the sunsets and rolling countryside in the distance while we were there!

IMG_4680It was fun to visit Fort Atkinson the morning of my birthday, to visit my sister who was reenacting, and to see the place we girls and the boys haunted when we could… in our historical garb, reenacting and dancing. It was a beautiful weekend!


Flash back to Saturday, June 21st. Ashton and I decided to change things up and have our monthly date (nine months to the day we got married) in the morning. We forced ourselves out of bed early enough to catch the beautiful sunrise as it came over the Illinois river. It was so worth it!



Then we went to one of our favorite farm-to-table restaurants… Harvest Cafe in rural Illinois. We were hungry and savored every bite of our hash, eggs Benedict, juice and coffee.¬†IMG_4506Another flash back to one of our “firsts”… our first time at the Statewide home school conference near Chicago. It was exciting to go as a married couple, as we are praying for and preparing for the blessing of children, and the privilege of teaching them.


Another first… our first time visiting the Creation Museum together.

IMG_4539While in Cincinnati for a board meeting with Samaritan Ministries, we went downtown on the river for drinks and then walked across on a pedestrian bridge as music from the live band on the river filled the air. We really enjoyed Cincinnati and hope to go back to discover more of the city.


IMG_4610Life is fun with this guy!


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