Life is real, life is beautiful

Eight months today. Eight wonderful, beautiful months of being his- from the moment I wake up to his kiss, to the moment I fall asleep in his arms. Marriage really is beautiful, and he can be so romantic and caring and… perfect. Perfect for me!

Eight months today. Life is definitely real, with schedules and expenses and decisions and misunderstandings. We work and cry and try to plan, try to be diligent with our time, our resources. We fail, we disappoint, we fall on our knees still so in need of His sustaining grace.

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Eight months today. Life is beautiful. After the honeymoon… the celebration, the newness, the vacation, when life slows down to show us our faults, then speeds up to test our resolve, we choose the beauty. Yes, it’s real. Yes, we have our moments. But from here on out, amidst the craziness, the lessons, the responsibilities, by God’s grace we will continue to choose joy as the theme to our covenant. It is a choice, and one we can make together, at the foot of the cross.

Happy eight months, my darling.

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