Paul Revere and the 21st Century

I am angry. My heart pounds, my fists shake, and I sputter and cough out objections and exclamations. Why am I here, and not there? I ought to be running through the streets of Washington with my panting horse, crying “Congress is coming! Congress is coming!” for our foe is on their way, and will one day be parading into our homes. How can I help but be excited? Apathy only stirs me up, and were that this battle one beyond words and documents, and I a ready soldier, I would gladly take up arms to defend liberty.

My youthful frustration tells me there is nothing I can do and that it’s out of my hands. My head tells me to go make some phone calls; write some letters. My heart tells me to rely on a sovereign God, and trust Him for the outcome. Which call is hardest to live out?

“What a historic time for our nation…” “What an honor for you, Mr. Speaker, in such a time…” “Today we will make history…” The Democrats are speaking on the floor. History? As the nation that once was founded on God-given rights and freedoms, and then abused and usurped those same freedoms in one big, record-breaking sweep?

I am an American girl of the past. My patriotic pride is based on those men who fought in the name of the Lord to protect the innocent, guard their families, and preserve the way of liberty for their future generations. When I place my hand over my heart, I gaze at the stripes on the flag; remembering not the personal and pure sacrifice of so many politicians today, but of the blood shed by men not so long ago during the forming of our nation. Will I and my family have the courage to show such sacrifice and dedication when the time comes?

This post may mean nothing to you. Maybe you found my blog through a random Google search, or happened to click a link from another blog. Maybe you don’t care about the life and ramblings of a simple girl in Nebraska. But I ask you this: how much do you care about your freedom? Are you willing to pay fines, heavy taxes and penalties, and even spend time in jail if you refuse to purchase something you don’t want? And even more importantly, how ardently will you oppose Satan’s forces in our society, and proclaim the cross of Christ?

Sometimes my anger over injustice, and my eagerness to be a part of the action gets the best of me… and causes me to despair over my lack of control and influence. Tonight would be the opportune moment to let loose, as our Representatives vote on H.R. 3962, “Health Care for All of America”. Yes, we’ve written letters, we’ve called our Congressman, we’ve met with staff members and shared our concern over this very hot bill. Tonight we will pray. And then we will sleep, trusting our passions, concerns, anger, frustrations, and fears to Someone completely in control, and unconcerned.

Will you sleep tonight?

About Patriot Undeserving

American girl…

When I started my original blog “Jennifer’s Musings” in 2004, my intentions were to strengthen my writing skills and share some silly ideas with various friends. What took me by surprise was the response I received from complete strangers who read, commented, encouraged, as well as criticized my writings. I was motivated by both the encouragement and opposition, and quickly found myself growing more familiar with the Christian Teen Blogosphere, with much admiration for the cause of the Rebelution. Since then I have continued to grow in controversial blogging with a vision to be a part of the rebellion against feminism, secularism and more sins growing rampant in our culture.

Currently I am a stay-at-home daughter residing in the red state of Nebraska with my family of 9. Home schooled all my life, I graduated in 2008 and have not pursued college as many would expect. This is yet another controversial subject which I am not afraid to touch on as I instead pursue various dreams and ministries; including teaching dance, working with a Political Action Committee, taking part in Church ministries and continuing to study at home.

Saved by Grace…

If I were to write on this blog, and publish posts under my name with no mention of Jesus Christ, I would be claiming praise and recognition stolen from the one who created it. I live and breath each day solely because my Lord is a gracious God, and all I do is because of His amazing mercy, even down to each post on this blog. My writings, I pray, reflect a biblical outlook on culture as I seek to bring to light the reason for living and searching for reform.

I am completely undeserving of God’s special grace towards me for “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). I am fallen and helpless, and so it is only through His power that my errant writings may be of any worth. It is my prayer that the verses below would come to light in my readers’ lives;

But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ— by grace you have been saved— and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

-Ephes. 2:4-10

As I seek to seek to pursue excellence in my writing I pray that you, my reader, would be enlightened and edified not by my works but by the power of the gospel transforming my feeble words.

Undeserving of Freedom…

Many conservatives today are becoming increasingly pessimistic and bitter about the secular turn our nation has taken since the days of our founding fathers. There is no doubt that the liberals have wreaked havoc upon our constitution and biblical foundations, but this is in no way a call to abandon our nation. If our government and society can be called away by the devil in a mere 200 years, how much quicker can it be claimed by the Almighty God?

I have much hope for America not only for the many freedoms we have the spiritual weapons to reclaim, but also for the many blessings we continue to enjoy. Having been spoiled by our liberty and wealth, we forget nations bloodstained by mass killings of Christians who must run from their lives and struggle to care for their families in poverty. We forget the horrendous economic situations, the ongoing civil wars, the poverty and complete government control in nations such as China, India, the Middle East and much of Africa.

We as fallen sinners are completely undeserving of our liberty, privileges and prosperity in a nation such as America. What a sin it is to bewail our easy situations, and even more so of a failure and sin against God to give up this country we have inherited. While I endeavor to be a culture-changer and bring reform to our nation, I am without hesitation thankful to be an American girl living in the United States.

Why a Patriot? I love this country that the Lord has placed me in and have not given up on it. As Noah Webster described it, so I want to be

“A person who loves her country, and zealously supports and defends it and its interests.”

A young patriot from rural Nebraska can do nothing to save a nation. A perfect God willing use his many imperfect children can do it all.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

-Romans 8:18-21

Why campaign?

As a young person involved in politics, I receive many mixed reactions from people as I explain what I do and why I do it. Usually the expected response is “oh, wow! That’s great you’re so involved!” but it’s not uncommon to meet suspicion, questioning and sometimes ridicule as well. Of course you know, young people are so wrapped up in fun, games and frivolous things, that when someone under the age of 20 expresses an interest in big words such as government and legislature the first thing any sane adult does is wonder “what is wrong with that kid?

So what is it that makes teens campaign? Why are we seeing a growing number of young people working at a grassroots level for candidates? Obviously since teens care only about partying, it must be that the parents are forcing (i.e. pushing, telling, abusing) their kids to do slave labor for someone they couldn’t care less about.

Well, maybe if we’re talking about teens from public schools; they truly would feel as if campaigning for someone in the government or legislature would be abuse. However, it’s not teens attending public schools that are in question here (partly to fault because they simply have no time or freedom to volunteer). The explosion of young people we see going door to door, making phone calls and waving signs are largely homeschoolers.

As a homeschool graduate, I see these as the key reasons why teens like myself campaign:

We have the time

Homeschoolers have the flexibility and freedom to help a candidate when public schoolers may not

We have the energy

We’re young. We get restless. Having contests to see which team can get their literature drops done first; dancing and yelling at intersections with signs, making phone calls; it challenges us and gives us something to do where we can actually see our efforts directly impacting our culture.

We make friends

Simply the fact that we’re a group of peers with the same likes and dislikes, doing the same thing, makes an activity fun. The memories made on a campaign were not so great because of the work but more because of the people. I have never worked on a campaign where a teen was not there voluntarily and had a blast making new friends (and eating the great meals served!).

We care

Parents think their kids don’t care about culture, world issues, or politics. In our government schools, this is often the case. However, homeschoolers are taught up front by their parents that what happens in our legislature directly affects us, and that we have a duty to be involved and apply a biblical worldview to every area of our lives. We care, and this is what scares the secularists in our nation.

Our parents care

When we see our parents discussing the election, voting, and being involved, it’s not unnatural for us to pay attention to the same issues. Children follow in their parent’s footsteps and have many of the same priorities, and that’s where many parents fail in our nation today.

As of this summer my sister and I have been recruiting young people to campaign for Beau McCoy, a conservative homeschool graduate running for Legislature in Omaha’s District 39. Having been impressed with his honesty and conservatism on the issues, we have devoted more time to his campaign than any other we’ve worked on so far, working in part as coordinators with the newly created Political Action Committee of Omaha.

Recently the liberal site “New Nebraska Network” posted an article on Beau McCoy questioning the many young people working on his campaign, again asking the inevitable question; why ever do young people campaign?

“One of the great peculiarities of this race is the involvement of the home schooling movement on McCoy’s behalf. McCoy is actually a product of home schooling, and they’re evidently looking to get him elected so he might champion their cause in the legislature.”

As if it’s not bad enough that McCoy is a “product” of homeschooling, now he even has homeschool teens helping on his campaign! I think it is fair to say that we are electing him to “champion” our cause in the Legislature; if that means protecting our constitutional right to homeschool without restriction or harassment. (See my post “Declaration of War“)

“This development becomes a little bit disturbing, though, in light of this PACs suspect efforts to recruit home schooled children as free labor for the McCoy campaign. When young people get involved of their own volition, as a step in developing their own political consciousness, that’s a definite benefit to our democracy. But, where this involvement might cross the line into their school curriculum – dictated by parents pursuing their own political purposes – one starts to get a sense of why so many have such serious doubts about the quality and integrity of home school education.”

Of course when the Political Action Committee would consider asking teens to participate it is interpreted as an evil intention to force children to campaign against their will. This is a completely false and unfounded assumption. My sister and I as young adults ourselves have spearheaded a large part of the effort to bring specifically young people into Beau McCoy’s campaign, and not once have I met or worked with a teen on the campaign who was “forced” or unwilling to volunteer. This is an idea for teens, by teens. We work together, and it’s ultimately friends and peers, not parents, who get the fun-seeking, party-going kids out on the campaign trail.

The article on New Nebraska (which, remarkably, has everything to say about what Republicans do wrong, and little to say about what Democrats do right) ends with this quote;

“Regardless, even with a whole army of home schooled children “volunteering” for McCoy, this is still going to be a very close race. If the primary attacks on Moats are any indication, it’s also going to get rather ugly from here on out.”

While each energetic and excited teen does an amazing part in campaigning, I am confident because it is not the army that wins a battle, but the God who goes before them. If the Lord is pleased with our efforts, and with the intents of our hearts, He will cause Beau McCoy to win on November 4th, teens or no teens.

Just be sure to honk for McCoy when you see all us of slave laborers dancing on the street corners.

I quote…

“I am much afraid that schools will prove to be the great gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth.” – Martin Luther

“… when the manners of a nation are pure, when true religion and internal principles maintain their vigor, the attempts of the most powerful enemies to oppress them are commonly baffled and disappointed. This will be found equally certain, whether we consider the great principles of God’s moral government, or the operation and influence of natural causes.” – John Witherspoon, “The Dominion of Providence over the Passions of Men” 1776

Reverend Baucham on Sarah Palin

Duty Calls

Our country was founded on the principle of duty, by men who knew their responsibilities, and were willing to risk everything to carry them out. In 1620, fathers and husbands left England with their families in order to escape a controlling government and tyrannical King. It had nothing to do with money or personal gain. More was lost than homes and possessions as the Mayflower carried 100 pilgrims across the ocean; in the first year at Plymouth half of those that landed had died, and many were sick and weak.

The men on the Mayflower must have had a pretty good reason, and strong resolve to leave their homes and all they had known to find themselves blown off course, until they landed at Plymouth Rock. With lives lost and those landed sick and weary, and without a home, one is caused to wonder how these pilgrims could fall on their knees in thanks to the Creator of all. What was it that drove the men to abandon their homes, and find themselves starting all over again with very little provision or possessions? Certainly leaving one’s homeland was the last measure taken in the pursuit of freedom.

The encroachment upon civil liberty and freedom of religion was the reason for coming to the Americas, and the duty to lead their families in truth gave them courage to take action. Imagine the hardship of taming a wild and untamed land, the loneliness of family who died or were left behind, the struggle to start life all over again with nothing. Ease and security were abandoned at the call to duty, and so began the colonies in the Americas.

A Revolution

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…” The control of King George extended beyond the seas, restraining the people from the passing of laws, the populating of the land, and also by cutting off trade, imposing taxes, and quartering troops in the Americas in times of peace. He had “plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.”

Was it a desire for power and money that caused the forefathers to proclaim freedom from England, and establish a government? Francis Lewis lost his wife when the British captured her, and she died of sickness not long after being released. Many of the signers, even prior to declaring independence, found themselves living in poverty as they were robbed and their homes destroyed.

A lesser man would have surrendered. Many in our day do; under the pressure to conform to secular political ideas and philosophies. A man’s life today does not even have to be threatened for him to collapse under the pressure of a seemingly much larger and stronger foe. But fortunately for those who now call themselves citizens of the United States, the founders stood strong in the face of death and persecution, to fulfill a duty harder than any of us will ever know in our lifetime.

Passion and patriotism were in full display as the founders debated, discussed, and finally came to a mutual decision to declare independence from England. Clergyman spoke on the matters of politics without reservation in the pulpit. Reverend Peter Muhlenberg, in January of 1776, displayed without a doubt that Christians have a duty to fight for freedom; in our Churches, our capitols, and in our battlefields, as he took off his robe one Sunday to display the continental uniform underneath declaring “Now is the time to fight!”. Patrick Henry held nothing back in his address in 1775 when he said “Give me liberty, or give me death!”. They are words that hold more passion in that day than we can understand.

The war we fight

It is 2008. A mere 232 years has passed since the momentous decision was made to declare freedom from foreign countries, and establish a government based on biblical principles. The duty to protect their families and preserve a Christian heritage for their children was clear; the call without question. Today, Christians in America are lacking the conviction and resolve shown in the 1770’s. Those who stand against us seem many, and are determined to ruin us and take away our freedoms.

Is our duty too fight and strive for truth in government any less than of those who went before us? Are we in any way less bound to preserve liberty for our future generations, to insure their safety and freedom? That we should have to raise such a question is dishonoring to the sacrifice of the men who gave their lives that we also might fight for the Cross. That we would neglect our calling to pave the way for our children to grow in holiness is a misuse of our God-given rights, and a curse upon our heads.

Friends, we live in fallen world. Freedom is never free. Evil will always wage war against truth. Getting a politician elected to office is hard; taking a stand amongst the jeers and the pressure is humbling, and proclaiming the Word in every area of our lives will arouse the hatred of Satan. Just as a life without proclaiming the word of God is not Christianity, so a freedom without speaking our rights is not free.

Two hundred and thirty two years ago this day, on July 4th, 1776, a group of ordinary fathers with an extraordinary duty lived out their call to lead in truth. Much was lost, and yet the gain that we enjoy many generations later is a testimony to the providence of God and the wisdom and foresight our founding fathers had as they led their families to do something so hard, and yet so necessary to the preservation and growth of Christianity. May we do no less today, but instead take up the baton passed down to us, and stand even taller upon the shoulders of those who have gone before us, and never fail to give God all the glory.

Happy Independence Day

Looking for cracks? Try our public schools.

On Tuesday, February 26th, 1,300 homeschool parents and children gathered at the State Capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska; setting a record number of attendance for any bill hearing in Nebraska’s history. The reason for such a crowd? With a proposed bill that takes away the freedom of a family to choose their form of education, parents concerned over the spiritual and physical well being of their children made sure that our Legislature hears our opposition.

One large chamber and five overflow rooms were filled with men wearing suits and ladies wearing skirts as homeschoolers gathered to watch the opponents and proponents (of which there were only 3 out of nearly 25 who testified) on TV screens. Among those testifying before the Education Committee against LB 1141 were UNO professors, HSLDA attorney Michael Donnelly and several homeschooling parents with their own stories of past struggles in the failing public school system.

The opponents spoke well, clearly and calmly stating facts proving the unconstitutional restriction of the bill over families who choose an education based on Christian principles. Senator Schimeck’s support for her bill was weak in light of the statistics brought forth showing the wide success of homeschooling, and the widespread failure of public schools. The concern for those children “falling through the cracks” has been pinned down on the minority; those who choose to stay at home, when the high numbers of dropouts and failing grades are in not in the home but in the State’s own government schools. It is clear to see that this bill was born out of an atheistic and non-biblical perspective, as Schimeck herself stated that it is the State’s responsibility to insure that children are receiving a good education.

HSLDA attorney Michael Donnelly said “This was an incredible work of God and an amazing testimony to Nebraska homeschoolers. Thirteen hundred people in attendance is an overwhelming number, and the decorum and behavior of all reflected greatly on the homeschool community. It is such a privilege to serve the people of Nebraska, and I pray that the Education Committee can see that there is no need or public demand for this legislation. Homeschoolers do an incredible work even as they fund the public schools without much complaint through their taxes. All they want is to be left alone to continue turning out successful graduates.”

Truly, the best our senators can do is recognize the success of homeschooling in Nebraska, and focus their “concern” on the failures in public school. One is tempted to wonder with all this attention to the successful minority, if this is something besides a genuine concern for homeschooled children, such as a desire for money and power over those who have chosen not to follow the crowd. Hitler also chose to exercise his power through the schools and children, and the similarities between his reign and the direction our government run schools are going is not a little unnerving.

So, Nebraskans, we had a good turnout.

Now what?

While we wait a week to hear which direction the Education Committee votes, what can we do to keep up the pressure, and insure that bills like this are not passed (or even proposed) in the future in our Legislature?

  1. Keep up the phone calls and letters!
  2. Pray that the Education Committee would vote against the bill; that they would not be blind to the needless and negative affects the bill would have.

Read HSLDA’s report on the hearing

I want YOU for the homeschool movement…

Last Wednesday, on February 6th, six hundred homeschool students and their parents attended the second annual Legislative Day at the state capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska. Though the number in attendance was lower than the expected 1,000 (because of the ever-present snow) the capitol building was filled and senators kept busy. From 10:00am to 4:30pm, students listened to senators’ thoughts on LB1141, met with and spoke to their own senators privately, and listened to various speakers on the importance of being involved in our Legislature, such as Al Riskowski of the Nebraska Family Council.

All in all, it was a very good turnout, with this being only the second year for NCHEA to hold Legislative Day at the capitol. Governor Dave Heineman stated that he would veto the bill 1141 if it reaches him, while many homeschoolers pray that it will not go that far. Senators that spoke strongly against the bill, and in great support of homeschoolers and the advancement of Christ’s kingdom, were applauded and greatly appreciated. It’s encouraging to see and be reminded that there still are Godly, convicted men still in office today, despite the decline in upstanding or backbone among our senate.

So we had one good turnout, but the fight for the killing of this bill is yet continuing, and requires even more attention and work than ever before Saturday the 26th, when the bill will be discussed at a hearing. This is a serious encroachment of the rights of homeschoolers, and I urge my readers, even those outside the State, to take action and make your voice heard.

Here’s what you can do to fight LB1141:

  • Write an article for your local paper

  • Let your friends know; spread the word

  • Pray and alert your Church

  • Attend the hearing at the capitol on Saturday, January 26th (where HSLDA attorney Michael Donnelly will be testifying against the bill)

Get out there and start fighting this! You may not be “into politics”, or concerned for the present, but I can assure you that if this bill goes through, your children and their children will be harrassed and restricted by it. This bill will not only bring to pass the harsh control that it spells out, but will open doors for harsher and even more restrictive bills to be passed. Join the army. Pick up your sword (the Word), and march with us into battle. The Lord wants YOU to join his army, and defend the God-given rights of the family.

Lex, Rex

600 passionate, conservative home educators all in one room. Quite the experience.

We met with our senator, Kent Rogert, to voice our opposition to LB1141. It was disappointing that he did not know much about the bill, or give us a clear answer as to whether or not he would oppose it.

Go here to read an article and watch the video of Lincoln’s coverage for Legislative Day, as well as leave your opinion in the lengthy comment section.

Declaration of War- Nebraska

When the President sent troops overseas to fight the Taliban after 9/11, people made a fuss over the fact that we had not officially declared war. However, despite that fact, we were, indeed, already engaged in war with Muslim extremists. It wasn’t something we wanted, it wasn’t something we asked for, but it was something we were thrown into without a doubt of the intentions posed by our enemies; kill the infidels and destroy the moral foundations our country was founded on.

Only a few weeks ago, war was declared in
Nebraska. Only this time, M16’s and grenades were replaced for the Sword of the Word and the armor of God. On January 23rd, Nebraska State Senator DiAnna Schimek introduced LB 1141 that would, in essence, make homeschooling in our State nearly impossible. Below is a list of what the bill would require from homeschoolers (the entire list can be found here):

  • Have to submit to discretionary approval by the Commissioner of Education.
    • Gives the Department of Education (“NDE”) approval authority over whether homeschoolers may file under Rule 12 or 13 and over their curriculum;

  • Have to submit to intrusive and ill-conceived annual assessments.
    • Requires an annual in person evaluation, at the parents’ expense, but by a person of the Commissioner’s choosing and at a time and place determined by the NDE. Parents may be allowed to observe as long as they are “under the supervision of the Commissioner or designated staff person.”
    • To avoid the NDE’s required annual in person evaluation, a homeschooling parent would have to submit extensive documentation to a certified and approved teacher, including a complete written record of all the educational activities a child has been involved in and a portfolio of the student’s work, and the results of any assessments conducted. And even then, the teacher’s positive report would merely create a “presumption” that adequate progress was being made.
    • Requires that assessments be conducted against standards created and approved by the NDE and based on age/grade levels of their peers in public schools;

  • Have to submit detailed attendance records every year.
    • Requires homeschoolers to submit attendance records annually to the Nebraska Department of Education (“NDE”);

  • Have to test before you start.
    • Requires first time homeschooled students to take an NDE-approved test for “baseline educational data” (presumably this test is to be used by the NDE to determine whether or not “progress has been achieved”);

  • Give the Commissioner authority to hold your kids hostage in public schools at his discretion.
    • Require homeschooled children to attend an accredited public or private school if they do not make adequate progress as defined by the NDE and would prevent the child from being homeschooled until the NDE approves.

Before I go on to make my readers presume that Nebraska is in a unique situation, I would hasten to remind that Senators and Governors across the United States are working for the destruction of the structure in Christian families, just as our own beloved Senator Shimeck is here in our own Red State.

Just can’t take “no” for an answer

HSLDA has called this bill one of the worst homeschooling bills ever proposed. Angered and passionate Nebraskans would have to agree. In the 1980’s a similar bill was introduced and passed, which resulted in fathers being thrown into jail and mothers being forced to flee the State with their children, including a couple from our Church. Since then Nebraska had relaxed its laws on homeschoolers, after a long and hard fight, only to have another bill introduced by, ironically, the wife of the head of Government Relations for the Nebraska State Education Association. Don’t even attempt to claim that this bill wasn’t introduced for personal gain!


  • The State is asking not only that homeschoolers pay outrageous taxes for a failing school system they do not even attend, but that we now ad the costs of annual exams that we don’t even want to take

  • The State is assuming that the public school system is the only answer to supposed learning disabilities and problems (why should we hand ours over when they can’t even handle their own?). What happens when children at schools shoot each other, abuse each other, struggle on their tests and show lack of cleanliness and happiness? Then I think it’s time they hand over the kids to the parents.

  • The State is assuming the right to protect your child and provide safety and education. One might have to ask, then, did God give my children to me, or to the government? As my Dad says; over my dead body will you walk into my home and assume that God-given right.

As a homeschool senior about to graduate from high school myself, I cannot stress how glad I am that my parents chose to be my teachers, instead of dumping me off at school and asking a total stranger (and in some cases, a rapist or ex-convict) to educate me for the next 12 years. Believe it or not, I am healthy, happy, and not a complete idiot because of it. Homeschooling works, and so well it’s scaring the Board of Education. The growth and success of God’s army is scaring Satan, and he is now visibly taking steps to defeat us through our own government.

So please, brothers and sisters;

  • Be aware that wars are being fought all across the States. If LB 1141 goes through in Nebraska, it could very well go through in your State. One thing leads to another and we MUST pull out of political apathy and be constantly aware of what goes on in our legislature.

  • Be in prayer for Wednesday, February 6th. Nebraska will be holding it’s second annual Legislative day for homeschoolers at the capitol. Last year 300 people attended to meet with Senators and go to hearings, and this year, after the introduction of the bill, the expected number blew up to 1,000 homeschoolers and counting. This is going to be an awesome time of witnessing and fighting not only 1141 but the impetus to introduce other such restrictive bills. Be in prayer that the weather would cooperate, and that the senators would be greatly impacted by the turnout, and have their eyes open to the constitutional right they are breaking.

I have great trust in the God who created our nation, and I am totally pumped about attending Legislative Day at the capitol tomorrow. I know God is going to do amazing things through this bill as we work to fight it and have victory in His name.

Soli Deo Gloria…


(More reasons) why this is a stupid bill

The bill in it’s un-translated entirety

NCHEA on 1141

NCHEA Legislative Day Info

HEN on 1141

In the name of… compassion?

TRENTON, N.J. — With New Jersey poised to become the first state in four decades to abolish the death penalty, opponents of the practice declared a historic victory and hoped other states would follow suit.

The Assembly voted 44-36 on Thursday to approve the legislation, which passed the Senate on Monday by a 21-16 vote. Gov. Jon S. Corzine said he will sign it within a week.

New Jersey has been barred from executing anyone under a 2004 court ruling that declared invalid the state’s lethal injection procedures.

The measure would spare eight men on the state’s death row, including Jesse Timmendequas, a sex offender who murdered 7-year-old Megan Kanka in 1994.

The case inspired Megan’s Law, which requires law enforcement agencies to notify the public about convicted sex offenders living in their communities. (My italics.)

Read the whole story

– Great idea! Let’s protect child molestors, murderers, terrorists and the like in the name of protection and compassion (where was the compassion for their victims?). Justice has nothing to do with it. We find that lethal injections are in any way uncomfortable and we will take men, who rape, beat, and stuff little girls into bags before burying them alive, and tell them it’s okay; there’s no consequence. Everyone is basically good anyway, right?

On another note, it’s sad to say that Megan’s Law is one of the most stupid and ridiculous law ever created. Require sex offenders to report where they live so we can supposedly stop them from committing a crime (as if they would include the government in their evil plans!)? Explain to me again just how this is meant to protect citizens… the stupidity of our elected officials boggles my mind. (What a surprise that it was our own Bill Clinton who brought forth the brilliancy of requiring “registry” of sex offenders.)

We can’t be cushy and queasy when it comes to punishment. Justice has and always will be an uncomfortable thing to see, but if it takes the death penalty to stop widespread crimes and killings, and the stripping of purity and life from those innocent, then so be it. Unfortunately, it takes a real man to face up to the truth and carry out the hard task of enforcing the law. We are seeing greatly the affects of very few true men leaders in our country today as women and children continue to be hunted and molested.

Lord, raise up an army of mighty men to run for office and restore your Law in this fallen nation! Have mercy on this your ignorant and blind people.